DD: Aradia’s a good kid, real smart.
HB: He needs t’ stick up more for himself (an’ talk t’ girls more) but Tavros ain’t a bad kid. ‘Wonder why he likes fairies so damn much though…
CD: Ooh, Sollux is so great!! He’s real smart, and he’s great with computers!! And he pushes me on the swings at the park!!
SS: Karkat I guess ain’t so bad… when he’s not bein’ a PISSY LITTLE SHIT.
((Mun Note: I’d like to apologize for taking a while on this ask, this is my first time seriously drawing the troll kids/stabdad kids so it took me a while to get everyone down. I hope that they look alright! 
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You know how Sollux has those throwing stars like a huge fucking nerd what if he was an even bigger nerd and the reason he even owned thos is because he watches a bunch of anime in a totally 2eriiou2 manner.

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So I Went to the Art Museum a Few Days Ago…


…I’m too homestuck for this

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I am really curious

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different types of people in the stands during robotics competitions 

(aradia, roxy, and jade are on flight so theyre on the field being awesome)

((dirk is probably sitting in the shop, hiding behind the power tools and catching some shut eye))

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i am an A+ sollux roleplayer


i am an A+ sollux roleplayer

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TA: thii2 joke ii2 probably way overdone but oh well.

TA: the fiir2t and la2t tiime ii played trollcop2 wiith you fucker2.

TA: 2peakiing of fucker2, go follow thii2 douchebag.

TA: he’2 one of the more tolerable KK2 out there.

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Sollux you weak piece of shit

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Part 1/2

[Part 2]

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